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You want to be happy and successful in your own life ?

Just be Caring with the others!

Don’t be arrogant, be nice, empathetic and compassionate. It’s a must on a little planet populated by 7.5 billion individuals.

1 – There are way too many human beings living in our neighborhoods to encourage or even accept unjustified aggressive or despicable behavior from others, whether they are driven by ego, insecurity or malice.

2- The world economy is mostly driven by services. (64% worldwide, 80% in US, 75 % in Europe, and even 57% in India and 53% in China.). This means that each of us is, alternatively, a client or a provider of services, and the only smart and successful behavior formula is a balanced win-win partnership. (I take care of you, you take care of me). Be a good client, patron, and you will get good services. Be a « pain in the neck », you will get what you deserve…

My business life has been dedicated to the customer service industry for more than 40 years, building a group of 300,000 service specialists working hard to solve issues faced by billions of customers in all activity sectors…and if there is one lesson that I have learned, it’s that the vast majority of human beings are asking not only for the right answer, but also for reassurance and emotional comfort. This is why human customer care remains so critical to customer loyalty.

Also when, from time to time, I encounter managers abusing others, thanks to their position, I can’t help myself to think that our societies should re-instate the « Roman Saturnalia », in which for a short period of time each year, the servants would exchange positions with their masters, and vice versa. This would probably be an excellent lesson for the many who forget that a social position is by nature fragile.

But somehow Saturnalia exists in our day to day life: because one more time, everybody, in our tangled society faces the consequences of his/her behavior. Just think about it, when you are rude to your waiter at a restaurant, what can he/she do to your plate before bringing it to you?

I hope you have a good imagination…

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    Nesia Bamfield January 28, 2019

    The structure and culture of team work have lost their meaning in a world where the World Wide Web and technology are performing many of our daily functions. Hence, the feeling of “I have arrived”. Little or no time is spent any longer forming lasting relationships and creating durable work bonds. Leaders have forgotten that they are only called leaders because a team of persons are following or has been placed in their care to develop.
    Many of our leaders have forgotten where they came from and believe with all their hearts that their next destination will be accomplished by mere force or demand. Accomplishing a task, goal or journey requires humility, dependability, team work, relationships, stewardship and skills. Skills in which another might have to aid the successful completion of a given task.
    So, we all should remember, we are all equal. The only thing is, some are given more responsibilities than others. Thus, treat the other person as if you were in their seat.

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    JASON January 28, 2019

    This basically gives us an idea of our day to life and how we interact and treat other human beings. We need to treat others with respect because karma does exist.

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    Rayon Alexander January 29, 2019

    I love this topic!! I came in today, and when I read this it really set the tone for the day!! I live my life with the servant-leadership attitude, and this just confirms my convictions. This is a great initiative and we should continue to send these out periodically.

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    Michael DeSalles February 6, 2019

    I like this post! I especially like and agree with this notion of “reassurance and emotional comfort”.