What If I Tell you There Are No Boundaries in Creativity?

We all have some immutable traits, like the color of our eyes, our height or our body type. We know we can’t change all these things that we have had since we were born. And sometimes, more often than we realize, we add creativity to that list. We assume that being creative is a capacity that not everyone has, or that we are born with a predefined amount of creativity, and that’s it; you can’t change it.

Well, it seems that we couldn’t have been more wrong. But that’s not bad news at all! This interesting article on Leader Insights will bring us some perspective about this subject.

Brothers Tom and David Kelley have written a book theorizing about creativity, and affirming that everyone can be creative. Essentially, according to the authors, creativity can, and has to be, learned. And with proper training, you can get as creative as you want. Isn’t that amazing?

The book is called “Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All” and its main objective is to bring down the “myth of creativity” that stops us from releasing our brightest ideas. Instead of this myth, they suggest “creative confidence” as a way to make people believe in their potential to innovate and create.

And what’s the best way to improve our creative confidence? By getting inspired. By learning to observe beyond what’s in front of our eyes just as we see it. By adding new perspectives. By thinking outside the box.

In their book, Tom and David teach some tricks to get creative. One of the most inspiring, for me, is the “think like a traveller” tip. Basically, when we are out of the country and we visit new places and cultures, our senses are wide open. We see every little detail, everything seems interesting, and we don’t want to miss a thing. It’s like we are tourist-detectives! And that makes us learn a lot about everything new that surrounds us. Try to do that exercise the next time you travel abroad. You’ll be surprised about how much information you can process.

Another key to discovering your creative potential is empathy. Start by selecting a few people you know that don’t agree with you on several topics. Observe them carefully: what do they look like? Where are they from? What are their stories? Listen to them talk: hear their arguments and learn from their points of view. And try to assemble a mental trail that explains all of the reasons why they think like that, and how they form their opinions. Not only will you learn to be empathetic, but also, you’ll be performing an amazing exercise on lateral thinking.

So where to start? By empowering yourself. Creative confidence begins by convincing yourself of your amazing potential. The moment you admit you have a lot more to give than what you always thought, your creative power will begin to shine.

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