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Want a Successful Business? Build a Great Culture

Over the years, I have witnessed CEOs and leaders altering their approach to align with their employees and the community. From ensuring diversity and inclusion to being #GenderSmart at the workplace, they have adapted to appeal to the millennial generation. This disruption got me thinking: “how do we strike the balance between delivering superior productivity while maintaining quality of life?”

For me, employees are the heart of any organization, vigilantly pumping the lifeblood of their talent and skill through every part of the company. And just like the human body, if your heart is not strong—the rest of the company will lag and ultimately fail. CEOs, being the brains of an organization, must strive to create a healthy workplace and a positive culture to ensure a happy workforce. There is a reason why dream organizations and best-place-to-work companies see so much success. These organizations tend to create a strong work culture where they add value to employees rather than merely extracting it. In the last four decades, I have religiously worked to create an organization where employees are valued, diversity is nurtured, and culture is prioritized by focusing on five key aspects:


Working in a cutthroat environment can be extremely stressful. Making employees’ lives easier by emphasizing work-life integration and offering flexible working solutions is the key to creating a thriving work culture.


With constant work pressure coming our way and a million tasks in pipeline wanting our attention, speed has become a necessity. By eliminating roadblocks and hurdles and setting up clear and specific expectations, we can assist our teams to work faster.


Technology has a profound effect on employees and implementing advanced technology leads to a more efficient, productive, and simpler workplace, allowing employees to focus on engagement and automating the rest.


Without workplace safety measures, an organization puts its employees, customers, brands, and revenues in danger. Responsible employers understand that a safe workplace is crucial and hence, a business priority.


Great companies treat their employees as they treat their clients and customers. By rewarding employees, making them feel like an integral part of the organization, investing in their development, and by offering world-class benefits, leaders can improve quality of their work and life.

According to McKinsey’s recent research, workplace stress is exacting highest physical and psychological toll ever recorded. It adversely affects employee productivity, increases attrition, and costs US employers nearly $200 billion every year in healthcare costs. However, smart leaders are already rethinking their traditional approach and focusing on a more holistic approach that covers the physical, emotional, financial, and social well-being of their employees.

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