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Using Technology, Analytics, Process Excellence to Transform

Transforming is key to progress. Teleperformance continues our way towards the future with our constant evolution, always looking for ways to make use of the current and forthcoming technology to practice innovation.

As businesses navigate through the era of digital disruption, we address their demand for a better end customer experience that takes advantage of available tools and technologies. Based on decades of experience partnering with renowned brands and companies from all over the world, Teleperformance places a huge amount of value towards the human touch in order to empathize and connect better with end customers. In our own evolution, we have gone from being a telesales company to a global customer experience leader and now an agile integrated business services partner you’ll need in this digital world.

To further push for progress, Teleperformance uses Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (TAP) in order to drive transformation for our clients. Sidharth Mukherjee, Teleperformance’s Managing Director for Knowledge Services, elaborates: “TAP is a simple mantra to convey that digital transformation is much more than just the underlying technology, and requires a multi-skilled, collaborative approach across the enterprise ecosystem to be successful. On the Technology front, we harness AI, RPA, and other digital platforms. We combine this with advanced Analytics that generate deep customer and operational insights. Finally, in terms of Process excellence, we combine the best of Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking to redefine business processes from the perspective of the end customer.”

Teleperformance currently has more than 600 TAP practitioners all over the world. As we partner with our clients on their transformation journeys, this number will grow significantly in the years ahead.

Simpler, faster, and safer interactions. Teleperformance is the agile business services partner that you need in this digital world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your business!

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