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If you are running a business, you might be very aware of the challenge that building a strong and satisfying relationship with your customers implies. It is very difficult to develop a customer relationship management strategy because you are dealing with many different kinds of customers: people of different ages, genres, ideals, wants and needs. They also communicate in different ways: some of them prefer talking on the phone or going to the store, others are living in the digital world and they use social media and click-to-chat solutions much more. Even if we work on our customer relationship management strategy daily, the key to knowing if it is really working is measuring customers’ satisfaction.

Here at Teleperformance, we have learned that customers are always changing, always evolving. The younger generations are very different from the oldest ones; they want and need different things from the companies they are relating to every day. We understand that the best way to adapt our solutions when it comes to customer service is by measuring customer satisfaction of each interaction that users have with brands. Our almost 40 years of experience in providing outsourced customer services to the biggest and most recognized companies in the world prove that we are on the right path. Measuring customer satisfaction is crucial to building a strong customer relationship management strategy.

But how can we do it? How can we measure the customer’s experience? What can we do to properly understand what the user’s feelings and thoughts about our brand are when they are interacting with it?

Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) helps you understand: changing behaviors across countries, generations, and sectors.


Think with us


We have created a proprietary database with years of data for a dozen countries and sectors, which allows us to see consumer trends that may impact your business. And we are always looking to expand our breadth of knowledge.

The CX Lab provides insights and thought leadership to our clients in an analytical way. We integrate our analysis every day in customer experience and can combine the know-how and expertise of our executives around the world. The CX Lab at Teleperformance is committed to research and is on the cutting edge of using data to improve customer experience.

The CX Lab is prepared to help you excel. We take a collaborative and consultative approach to working with our clients. In times of constant disruption, this sets Teleperformance apart.

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