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Research and Tech: Going Hand in Hand

Professional research has come a long way in bringing companies closer to their customers. Market research, for example, has become a hot commodity in most industries these days as customers continue to adapt to trends, get more involved in the purchase process, or reap the many benefits of just upgrading to the latest smartphone model. Companies need to understand the reason why customers are buying this, not that—and this is where the value of market research, paired with technology, really shines.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has lent its long hand in helping market researchers gather data to be analyzed by data scientists. Machine-learning and AI continue to innovate the traditional processes of market research, thereby increasing the effectivity and accuracy of surveys, questionnaires, scorecards, and field management. Automation has also quickened the many processes of market research, as automated solutions have helped agencies in providing accurate and faster research for their clients.

Another effect of technology on the professional research front is the option for market research agencies to change billing structures for its clients. Before AI, automation, IoT, or text analytics, clients are charged on an hourly basis. However, today’s digital technologies have led for more cost-effective options that also have a positive effect on productivity.

While research has greatly benefited from technology, a customer’s emotional responses are still a big factor in deciphering the maze that is the buyer decision process. It’s also important to note how the voice channel is still responsible for 50% of customers’ preferences when it comes to reaching customer service, and how complex interactions will always be solved by humans. Blend this knowledge with the fact that technology has played a big role in changing the way market research is being conducted in recent times—its impact cannot be denied, and is beyond helpful in allowing market researchers better understand the new breed of customers who are technology-driven, passionate, and smarter with their purchases.

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