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Personal Connection: A Key to Success in Digital Sales

An ongoing challenge that continues to make CEOs scratch their heads is the sometimes-tough balancing act of reaping the many advantages of both digital and analog interactions. The rise of the digital age has everyone taking the digital route in order to adapt with the new generation of tech-savvy consumers, which is a must for a company that wants to succeed.  However, too much focus on the digitalization of selling products and services has also made companies lose one of the many things customers desire: the human touch. And so, this is where personal connections come into play. In a recent study conducted by McKinsey, it has been shown that companies that add the human touch to digital sales consistently outperform their peers, achieving five times more revenue, eight times more operating profit, and, for public companies, twice the return to shareholders.

When given the opportunity to purchase, customers prefer the power combo of speed and convenience a digital interaction provides, plus the expertise, connection, and personalization as offered by human interactions. According to McKinsey, a key to achieve all these is for companies to “understand where human interaction is most wanted, and invest there.” While strategies may differ, brands can get a jumpstart by using digital tools such as analytics and hard data to learn more about their customers’ buying behavior—and from there, find out where human interaction could be most beneficial. In digital sales, customer follow-throughs, updates, renewals, upselling, and cross-selling can all lead to a myriad of ways for meaningful human interactions to shine, which may result in companies reaching their sales goals, boosting their products, or retaining customers.

In these advanced times, it’s important for companies to make the most of their digital tools to ensure that customers receive speed and get all the information they require before buying a product or service. In addition, balancing technology with meaningful human interactions capable of providing transparency, empathy, and personal connection is one way to stand out in a competitive digital sales market.

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