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Outsourcing To Asia: Prosperity And Stability

Asia has long dominated the world in outsourcing expertise. Countries such as India and the Philippines were the most popular destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT projects back in the last century. Despite many other nations now offering various outsourced services, Asia continues to dominate the world as the first place executives look for offshore technology and technology-enabled services.

In fact this industry was worth $45bn to Asia back in 2000, rising to $100bn in 2012 and the prediction is that, by 2020, Asia will be servicing $220bn worth of contracts. That’s strong growth and an indication that Asia is just getting stronger in this industry.

It all began for Asia back in the 1980s. Improved communication links meant that it became feasible for companies in Europe and the USA to locate some of their functions remotely. The initial focus was on reducing cost – locating some back-office functions in a lower-cost location, but as many locations in Asia developed strong expertise in areas such as customer service and software development, the main business drivers became access to talent, flexibility, and ability to scale. Asia now has the best people with decades of experience.

By 1995 the Philippines government explicitly started supporting and promoting outsourcing by creating Special Economic Zones. These were specific areas where businesses could access incentives and tax breaks – India soon followed and through the use of stimulus packages like this entire regions boomed and grew exponentially.

China came a little later to international outsourcing as their service focus had generally been on domestic business, but last year outsourcing contracts in China were valued at over $145bn. China, the Philippines, and India are the global leaders in this area making the Asia Pacific region the first place any executive needs to visit when considering almost any form of outsourcing.

Consider these five locations and their specific advantages:

China: the largest workforce in the world with over 780m working adults.
India: 25 years history focusing on BPO and over 3.7m specialist BPO employees.
Indonesia: Enormous government focus on creating incentives for investment.
Malaysia: strategic location and very strong fluency in English.
Philippines: $55bn BPO income projected for 2020 with 1.5m new BPO jobs planned in the next 3 years – with already over 1m working in BPO.

Finding the right partner in Asia is easy. Teleperformance operates in seven different countries in the Asia Pacific region and globally we are present in 74 countries. This gives us the ability to offer local expertise from Asia as well as having the scale required to help our clients use best of breed solutions from across the globe.

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