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Retail in the Time of the Internet

Purchasing goods and services has come a long way. Over time, the retail industry has benefited from the wonders of the Internet, as millions and millions of people have turned the world wide web into an big, online marketplace—where it’s possible to search, purchase, and receive almost anything and everything under the sun.

Smartphones continue to wield its power, becoming the online shopper’s main tool in accessing, researching, and buying products and services on the Internet. Because of its convenience, customers can easily make purchases 24/7, creating a very big space where plenty of opportunities can be tapped by the retail industry. The continued presence of social media also affected the way consumers buy and the way retailers sell. With everything within reach, buying and selling online has truly become a massive phenomenon—as evidenced by the 4.16 billion active Internet users all over the world, allowing almost $2.3 trillion online sales worldwide.

Using data and information from, our latest infographic discusses how the Internet has revolutionized the retail experience, and explores how the numbers crunch up in a time where technology and the people’s purchasing power go hand-in-hand. Learn where people buy, how people buy, what people buy, and the smartphone’s evolution. Read our infographic to learn more about retail in the time of the Internet:

Infographic Retail

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