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German Nearshoring

With rising costs and a shrinking pool of available and qualified labor, now is the right time to re-examine German nearshoring.

Hardly a day goes by without more good news about the state of the economy in Germany.

– According to the German Unemployment Office, unemployment has once again reached a record low in December at 5.3%. At an average of 5.7% for the year, this is the lowest rate seen since the reunification of Germany in 1991
– There was a recorded GDP growth of 2.3% in 2017
– The wage growth of nearly 1% overall was recorded, and is much higher in specific industries

This is a testament to the strength of the German economy and to the reforms made over a decade ago, when Germany was still referred to as “the sick man of Europe.”
All of this is great news, unless you are looking for qualified employees.

This problem is especially acute in the customer service industry. Nearly all of CX leaders that I speak to say that finding qualified employees is the biggest challenge that they face. Not only is our industry dependent on large numbers of staff, but they also must speak German!

With upward pressure on costs and a decrease in availability of qualified employees, what are customer service leaders left to do? Contact avoidance, AI, and automation can certainly be part of the solution, but none of these solve the problem entirely. Customers still want human contact, and they expect the experience to be easy, fast, and seamless.

Nearshoring has traditionally been seen as a way to control costs. This is still the case, but such a strategy is becoming increasingly relevant to find qualified resources at all, given the current state of the German labor market.

Teleperformance is uniquely positioned to offer its customers a wide variety of options for the German language from over 10 locations in Eastern Europe as well as in Africa and the Balkans, where we already have 3000 agents working for the German market.

With 40 years of experience in outsourcing and nearshoring, we have a model that ensures success.

– Contracting and billing in Germany, no matter where the service is delivered
– Culturally affine operations and management in delivery locations
– German-based account and executive management
– Regular and frequent reviews with short escalation paths

The benefits of our nearshore offering are:

– Availability and scalability of native and near-native German resources
– Cost efficiency and optimization
– Premium facilities
– Seamless integration with German management and culture
– Best-in-class capabilities and a highly secure environment
– Seamless technology

Please reach out directly to learn more about our footprint and how you can take advantage of the Teleperformance Nearshore Market Expertise.

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