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Evaluating Pricing Proposals

For Kyle Hansen, Teleperformance’s Director of EWAP Pricing, pricing should be the start of a business partnership. “Pricing, in general, should be the start of the partnership and the entire engagement,” Hansen says. “We want to be flexible.”

Having a sound pricing strategy is pivotal in any business. It may be one of the most challenging aspects for a brand or company, as a pricing decision one makes today may have a long-term impact on a company’s pricing strategies tomorrow—affecting its ability to compete in the market, generate revenue and profits, or set brand affinity with customers.

In this month’s edition of Got a Minute?, we talk to Kyle, who gives us a quick glimpse of Teleperformance’s pricing methodologies, and a short view on how evaluating pricing proposals work. Hansen believes that there are two big things to consider when evaluating a pricing proposal, which are: what are these businesses getting for their money, and what type of behaviors does one want to drive?

“Pricing and financial constraints that are built into the relationship permeate through the whole lifetime of the deal, and it’s going to drive a behavior one way or another. It focuses on quality, can be driven through price, or can focus on productivity. It’s important to make sure that the goals of the vendor and the customer are aligned so that it’s a true partnership,” shares Hansen.

Hansen continues to discuss a few important points of evaluating pricing proposals. “Each deal is customized,” Hansen notes. “Similar to how we’d solution a deal operationally—we would build a price based on the client’s goals and desires, and what we’re trying to accomplish operationally. So our pricing aligns to the type of staff, or the type of agents we need to include, and the other functions that go along with making the program successful.”

Want to know Kyle’s advice to customers analyzing pricing proposals? Watch our full Got a Minute? video by clicking below:

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