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Empathy Goes a Long Way

Psychology Today defines empathy as the “experience of understanding another person’s thoughts, feelings, and condition from their point of view, rather than from one’s own.” Empathy revolves around “selfless compassion and action,” a trait that makes us human, and invites harmonious relationships. Our previous blogs articles have mentioned the importance of emotions in improving the customer experience; now, we focus on empathy.

Showing empathy to your customers is one of the first steps towards fulfilling your customers’ expectations. When a customer reaches out, they feel the need to be heard, expect to receive help, and count on your customer service to provide a solution. More often than not, customer service agents may be a customer’s last option before they totally give up on a product or service—given this, imagine how customers would react if agents won’t even make a sincere effort to show empathy. To really know what customers are going through, lessen the repetitive scripts and focus more on active listening, and pay attention to the details to know why customers are feeling frustrated or angry. Training that enhances communication and listening skills can also aid in empathizing with customers effectively and intuitively.

A sincere display of empathy also affects a brand’s ability to create a satisfying customer experience. When customers feel at ease after an agent’s willingness to understand their current situation in order to find a solution, a sense of care is felt, inspiring a personal connection. Establishing a connection increases the chances of repeat customers and brand loyalty. In addition, showing empathy can also invite trust—such openness can create an opportunity for agents to discover important details from their customers which can help them solve the issue better.

Empathy shown towards everyone—not just your customers—goes a long way. Paired with compassion, empathy truly impacts the way we live, how others treats us, and how we create lasting relationships. Make sure that you show it like you mean it.

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