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Embracing Empathy to Enhance Humanity

The Teleperformance brand of expertise has been solidified by our strong foundation that is built on our goal of transforming passion into excellence. Over the last forty years, we have created valuable partnerships, inspired our people to grow above and beyond, and helped our clients in over 170 markets worldwide strengthen their relationships with their customers. To date, we have grown globally—we are now present in 80 countries, speaking 265 languages and dialects and powered by over 300,000 people.

Throughout the whole journey, our path has been marked by milestones that have truly set us apart from the rest, allowing us to become the most trusted provider of omnichannel customer solutions and the number 1 customer experience management outsourcer worldwide.

Over time, we have learned how interactions can enhance our humanity, and how every interaction can bring us all together. We believe in the power of empathy and its ability to fulfill customer expectations, which in turn has allowed us to learn from one another, connect better, and create opportunities to improve lives and businesses all over the world.

Living in a thriving digital landscape has somehow created a certain kind of disconnect, however, Teleperformance continues our mission to provide a positive impact through meaningful interactions. At the heart of this is us embracing empathy to enhance humanity: to increase the loyalty and value of the customer base from solutions to implementation, while celebrating diversity and acknowledging how our differences are what brings us together.

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