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Each Interaction Matters

Teleperformance was born in 1978. Reflecting on the last 40 years, I cherish countless interactions with people from all around the world – different classes, creeds, origins, and cultures – all of whom have shared invaluable knowledge with me. In 2018, Teleperformance was reborn as TP and I feel proud to be a part of a family of 300,000 people who believe in the core values of care and trust.

Enabled by technology, driven by passion

A lot has changed in the customer service industry since 1978. While voice continues to dominate, a number of new channels such as email, chat, and social media are gaining popularity. The 21st century organizations supporting Gen Y and Z customers need to equip themselves to convey messages or interact with their customers across all modern communication channels – voice, email, chat, messaging, and bringing ease of interaction. Market leaders who have adopted such omnichannel strategy have devised mechanisms to deliver a personalised and seamless experience across all these channels, thereby creating a significant service differentiator for themselves.

Advancements in the spectrum of AI analytics give an edge on such fronts by integrating and organising customer data, identifying the best and most reliable answer and utilising data-driven insights to recommend personalised value-adds. Such advanced digital technologies and data integration also enable ruling out any remote possibilities of inconsistencies in delivery or even human errors.

However, the constantly innovating products and services along with cannibalizing business models are perpetually altering the needs and expectations of these consumers. It is of little surprise then that all these technological advancements and artificial intelligence have not been able to match the comfort and trust that comes from speaking with someone who is there to help you when in need.

Customers look for a caring attitude. Technology cannot replace the comfort and warmth of a human interaction. Active listening, emotional connection, empathy, and a passion for care together with cultural proximity are powerful virtues that can bond us socially and create an atmosphere of comfort and positivity.

Care and trust drives customer experience

While buying a product or service, customers take a combined view of its features, associated services, and brand recognition – together, these attributes drive customers’ brand loyalty. Meanwhile, due to the internet, apps, and social media, customers today are exposed to endless solicitations for their mindshare and interest. This is why, when a customer decides to contact a company – whether for information, support, or even a refund, companies should welcome this interaction as an opportunity to strengthen their relationship, rather than trying to avoid it. With clear pressure to reduce costs, some companies are choosing self-service or contact avoidance in their customer service operations, while at the same time disruptors in the technology and e-commerce domains are bringing in more human touch in customer service. Organisations across all sectors need to ensure that while addressing external and internal challenges, their end customers do not face a lack of care and trust; ease of interaction, efficiency, reliability, and a caring attitude are what they seek.

Our people at the heart of it all

A trust and comfort-bond between an organisation and its customers is the best way to preserve brand loyalty. An enhanced customer service experience – powered by ‘omnichannel, digital, and human touch’ – is the best way to achieve such bonding. To create an enhanced customer service experience, organisations need to get the best out of its technology as well as people. And therefore, we put our people at the heart of what we focus on. We believe that a happy employee will make the end consumers happy, which in turn will make our clients happy. In essence, each smile counts and each interaction matters!

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