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Coming Together to Face the Future

Can innovation be planned? Can it be taught? These are the burning questions that Teleperformance’s top 100 global leaders will ponder upon and determine in the future Top Management Meeting.

On December 3 to 4, the organization’s key figures will be heading out to the Teleperformance Innovation Experience Center (TIEC) in the heart of Silicon Valley to discuss how the company will remain agile and increase its ability to innovate in a rapidly evolving, technology-driven world. Since our ecosystem is based on and supported by a strong culture and the best practices, they will be sharing their views about the present, including the future of the company, and the industry.

After two intense days of open discussions and workshops, all views that shall arise from the conference will be indisputable proof of the enormous energy shared within Teleperformance. The same energy that is dedicated to creating simpler, faster, better, safer, and more cost-effective solutions that directly impact a global network of over 300,000 employees and 850 clients across more than 170 markets.

A shared vision characterizes high-performing teams. By aligning goals across the organization, we can create an even greater sense of connection to a higher organizational purpose. At Teleperformance, we don’t just drive great results. We get great results by helping our leaders and the team feel connected to the broader mission and values of the organization. People remain at the heart of our business. We are a high-tech company with a high-touch approach, coming together to face the future.

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