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Are You a Sponge or a Rock?

The Telepeformance Leader Insights Forum (LIF) held in Barcelona last March ended on a high note, as the event reached greater heights. This year’s LIF brought together a contingent of individuals, each looking for new ideas or thoughts to ponder on, and a chance to hear the voices of those who are considered experts in their chosen fields and industries.

For this month’s edition of Got a Minute?, we bring you LinkedIn Iberia’s Chief Motivator and Country Manager Sarah Harmon, one of the Forum’s featured speakers. Our recent recap of LIF’s day one events presented the highlights of Harmon’s talk which touched a few subjects including skills, higher education, independence, vision, and ideas, but today, we give you a bit more—our latest videos were recorded during the event itself in Barcelona!

During her talk, Harmon observed how successful companies are adapting and evolving, and that successful companies today hire for culture first, skills second. “I know for a fact that there are so many companies now that are looking for learnability,” shared Harmon. Which then brings us to Harmon asking the event’s attendees an important question: is the person you’re managing a sponge, or a rock? Harmon continued to explain. “We all want sponges. We don’t want people who are rocks—people who we try to coach, and we try to get to learn new things, and are incapable of absorbing change and incapable of absorbing new skills. We want people who are sponges.”

Catch Sarah in action and get to learn more valuable insights from LinkedIn Iberia’s Chief Motivator through our Got a Minute? videos by watching below!

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