Announcing a New Venture: Praxidia powered by Teleperformance | Teleperformance
Announcing a New Venture: Praxidia powered by Teleperformance

There has been a gap in the Customer Experience (CX) market for a trusted advisor, offering deep experience to companies that are already outsourcing elements of their CX function and those that have preferred to retain CX in-house. Teleperformance is creating a new venture called Praxidia to fill this very important need. This new effort will allow companies to leverage our extensive data, operational insights, and strategic thinking to improve CX and, therefore, business outcomes.

Praxidia—practical ideas­––is a new and unique consultancy business based on the Teleperformance Group’s extensive global expertise in omnichannel customer experience management and insights into customer behavior. Praxidia exists to increase the value of customer interactions and create new opportunities for clients, and their customers, by applying advanced research, analytics, and operational experience.

Praxidia combines the research experience of our CX Lab, which has been surveying global markets for customer preferences by industry, with our 20 years of data analytics, all wrapped in Teleperformance’s operational assessments. Using this data, brands can quickly adapt to changing customer preferences effectively and efficiently. The Praxidia team provides brands with a profound understanding of the factors that drive customer loyalty and unrivalled insights to consistently deliver higher-value customer interactions.

For over four decades, Teleperformance has led the industry in operational design and delivery of omnichannel customer interactions. Now, these capabilities have been consolidated into a valuable new opportunity. Praxidia will serve as a trusted and highly dependable partner for any organization, including in-house operations, having a need to improve current CX delivery models or a desire to create exceptional Customer Experiences of the future.

For more information about Praxidia, please visit or email the Praxidia team at

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