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Achieving Success in the Personal Care Sector

The Personal Care sector is extremely competitive. Around the world, brands must make an effort not only to offer great products, but to ensure that their customers are treated the way that they want to be treated.

In 2017, the Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) at Teleperformance once again conducted its global survey across 18 sectors and 13 countries, including the Personal Care sector. For the Personal Care sector, 10,299 online interviews were undertaken across 13 countries in their native languages. The samples, defined by market, were representative of the general population in terms of age and gender.

The results of the survey show that customer service has a tremendous impact on how customers perceive their brands and whether they will remain loyal. According to the data, customers who had positive customer service experience had 10 percent higher loyalty intention than those who did not contact customer service. Conversely, those who had a negative customer service experience had a 32 percent lower loyalty intention.

Thus, ensuring that customers can contact their brands through the channels they prefer, and offering prompt and quick resolutions, can have an impact on business results.

According to the CX Lab Global Survey, 28 percent of customers interacted with their personal care brand’s customer service during the previous year. The top three channels used to interact with that customer service were Voice, Email/Web Form and Social Media. However, the top three most preferred channels were voice, email/web form and chat with a live agent. Thus, there remains a gap between the channels customers want to use to interact, and the opportunities that brands offer.

Crucially, Personal Care customers value prompt and speedy attention. In particular, having their issues resolved during the first contact is extremely important. Customers who had their problem solved in a first contact presented:

  • 2% higher satisfaction with the brand
  • 6pp higher intention to recommend
  • 1% higher loyalty intention

On the other hand, customers who didn’t have their problem solved in a first contact presented:

  • 8% lower satisfaction with the brand
  • 22pp lower intention to recommend
  • 10% lower loyalty intention

Personal Care brands across the world must seek to improve their customer service if they want to build brand loyalty. In this spirited market, companies must seek advantages to improve their results. To learn more about how Teleperformance can be the link between you and your customers, contact us today.

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