TP in Turkey’s Running Team Makes the World a Better Place
Teleperformance in Turkey’s Running Team Makes the World a Better Place

Teleperformance in Turkey’s Running Team ran 10 km in the 38th Istanbul Marathon for the TEMA foundation’s charity campaign on November 13, 2016. TEMA’s campaign will provide nature preservation training to 5,000 school kids and will plant 10,000 trees. The TEMA Foundation is one of the strongest voices in Turkey to combat soil erosion, promote reforestation, and protect natural habitats.

The running team consists of 52 employees who have a passion for running and making the world a better place. This is not the first charitable action that the running team from Teleperformance has undertaken. In fact, this is the last campaign of an effort that spans over three years. During that time, the team has participated in eight campaign races on behalf of Teleperformance in Turkey.

In the last three years, Teleperformance in Turkey’s team reached out to 500 donors and collected donations for several NGOs. These NGOs include,

  • ACEV, which provides childhood education and support for needy families;
  • AKUT, which is involved in searching, assisting and rescuing all who require aid in mountain or other nature-related accidents, natural disasters and all other emergency conditions;
  • Koruncuk , which ensures that children living in danger are able to live and grow up in a healthy environment; and
  • The Bugday Foundation, which supports the distribution of pure and healthy seeds.

Over this three year period, Teleperformance in Turkey’s monetary, clothing, and equipment donations exceeded 175.000 TRL. Teleperformance in Turkey’s Running Team has had a positive impact on its community and has truly made the world a better place.

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