TP in the Netherlands supports Serious Request
TP in the Netherlands supports Serious Request

As part of our Citizen of the World (COTW) initiative, Teleperformance in the Netherlands launched an effort to support those in need through a program called Serious Request. This program is an annual event that takes place the week before Christmas, conducted by the Dutch radio station 3FM to raise money for projects associated with the Red Cross.

This event is, to say the least, unique. Three DJs associated with the radio station are locked up for six days in a glass house, without eating solid food. They work day and night, in exchange for donations, playing songs for listeners, and auctioning donated goods.

The goal in 2016 was to provide funding for treating pneumonia. This disease annually claims about 900,000 young victims in poor countries and war zones in Africa. Normally, during “Serious Request”, people who donate come to the glass house and make a donation. However, many people every year start their own fundraisers as offshoots of “Serious Request”.

This year, Teleperformance in the Netherlands was deeply inspired by a little boy named Tijn. Tijn is a six year-old, terminally ill boy. He came with his father to the Serious Request glass house and told his story. He would not live to see the next edition of Serious Request. To raise money, he wanted to paint people’s nails, at a cost of € 1, in order to raise a total € 100. The DJs thought that this action was worth at least € 10. So the “Nail Polish Action” began. Many people in the Netherlands started painting nails to raise money for Tijn and Serious Request.

Teleperformance in the Netherlands decided that it couldn’t sit still and do nothing! They undertook their own effort to support Tijn. Our sites in Tilburg and Zoetermeer were able to collect 1000 euros by painting the nails of employees. Our generous COO doubled this amount, so that our employees raised 2000 euros for Serious Request and Tijn!

Congratulations to Teleperformance in the Netherlands, the Serious Request team, and most of all Tijn, for inspiring all of us to make the world a better place.

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