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Teleperformance in Canada Gives Aid to Fight World Hunger

Last August, our friends in Montreal at Teleperformance in Canada created a long and positive impact to make a difference in the world. Working together with Moisson Montreal, our volunteers for Citizen of the World (COTW) were able to give aid to the less fortunate and combat hunger around the world.

Moisson Montreal is a non-profit organization, providing food assistance to nearly 137,000 people, including 41,500 children. The organization gathers food donations and basic products, and distribute them to community organizations in Montreal. As a member of Food Banks Canada and Food Banks of Quebec, Moisson Montreal is able to have provincial and national agreements with agri-food suppliers.

Partnering with Moisson Montreal during World Humanitarian Day, our COTW volunteers became one with the world in ending world hunger. Our volunteers were able to take part in the non-profit’s activities, sorting food and packing food donations for later distribution.

To date, Moisson Montreal continues to serve 257 community organizations on a regular basis on the island of Montreal. It has over 641,000 meals and snacks served. It has distributed 15.6 million kilos of foodstuffs and other basic products, amounting to nearly $86 million. With our Teleperformance volunteers from Canada, the non-profit continues to increase its total volunteer hours of 97,352 to help more people in need.

We would like to thank our peers in Montreal at Teleperformance in Canada for continuing to take charge of our mission to make a lasting difference in the communities we live in. Thank you for continuing to inspire the world!

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