Teleperformance Mexico Goes Solar
Teleperformance Mexico Goes Solar

Teleperformance is committed to adopting the most sustainable best practices and reducing our carbon footprint at our many sites around the world. For that reason, we have decided to embark on a project on all our Mexico sites which will switch 100% of their energy to solar photovoltaic. This move will reduce the sites’ carbon footprint by more than 80%, and 9% worldwide.

We realized that while we go to great lengths to keep up with the most environmentally responsible business practices, we could do even more by making sure that the energy that powers our operations is generated in the most environmentally friendly way. Converting to solar the 25 GWh of electricity that Teleprformance Mexico uses was just one part of that ongoing effort. The transition will begin later this year, and be completed by June 2017. It will fit perfectly into our Citizen of the Planet program, through which we involve our employees in activities aimed at protecting the environment.

Nearshore Region CEO Juan Ignacio Sada stated, “For Teleperformance, operating in a sustainable manner is just as important as providing outstanding experiences. We also are aware that with each day, more and more clients and stakeholders show a great interest in our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, and this project demonstrates our commitment to creating a better environment for future generations.”

This effort in Mexico will be complemented by further efforts to switch to renewable energy in our offices all over the world, so that Teleperformance can continue leading the industry in corporate social responsibility best practices. Telepeformance’s Nearshore Region covers all operations in Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador that serve the U.S. and Mexican markets. The Nearshore Region operates 17,800 workstations in 24 sites with more than 21,000 employees.

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