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Teleperformance in Colombia: Building Homes and Building Hope

Last May, Teleperformance in Colombia made the world a better place through one of our Citizen of the World initiatives that created a positive impact on our local community. Together with Techo-Colombia, 167 volunteers from Bogotá and Medellín at Teleperformance in Colombia built homes for 10 families in Barrio Bella Flor, Ciudad Bolivar in Bogota.

Techo is a non-profit organization commited to fighting extreme poverty in Latin America. Powered by its youth volunteers, Techo aims to transform slums into thriving communities across Latin America. At present, 104 million of Latin Americans live in settlements in a situation of poverty, where 1 in every 4 inhabitants of urban areas lives in a slum. In Colombia, poverty increased in 2018, the country having a poverty rating of 27%, as well as an extreme poverty rating of 7.2%.

Our volunteers from Teleperformance in Colombia helped families in their local communities have a better reality, as they banded together with a purpose of building homes to build hope for those in need. With their help, Techo continues its push for community development and adequate housing in South America.

Citizen of the World remains committed to transform lives, and are thankful to our volunteers who gave their time and energy to make a difference in the world and in their local communities. Together, we continue to be ambassadors of hope!

We can all do our part. Interested in volunteering or learning more about our Citizen of the World initiatives and other corporate social responsibility activities? Email or click here to know more!

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