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A small step goes a long way. This is why we at Teleperformance recognize the impact of promoting social responsibility to our people in order to make a difference in the communities we live in, and eventually—the world.

Our social responsibility initiatives are spread all over the world. To do our part, we promote the reduction of our carbon footprint, share what we have to social causes and charitable institutions, and volunteer. These are opportunities for us to bring our people closer together with their local communities, and instill in them a sense of togetherness, belonging, and positivity. As a result, we are able to give where we live, improve lives, and make the world a better place.

In 2018, our Citizen of the World (COTW) initiative donated a total of 1,685 computers to impoverished schools in underdeveloped countries. Our people—our local heroes—contributed 85,374 volunteer hours to help their communities change their way of life. 43,152 kids received toys and gifts during the holiday season. Our feeding programs were able to feed 18,895 infants and children. To date, we have received a total of USD 40,101,087 in donations since COTW’s inception in 2006.

Generosity is priceless. For us, our COTW programs have inspired our employees to be more, do better, and feel joy through caring for the world and humanity. Our charitable efforts would not be possible without the commitment of our people, who remain dedicated in making small steps that have led to a huge, positive impact.

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