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Leading the Corporate Social Responsibility Movement

As part of its mission to ensure effective management of corporate responsibility initiatives, Verego continues to inspire companies all over the world to commit to social responsibility. Created in 2010, Verego’s SRS (Social Responsibility Standard) certifications have set the highest standards, recognizing organizations that manage, implement, or improve their social responsibility programs, initiatives, and goals.

The Verego SRS Standard uses a holistic approach, integrating five key areas during its assessment for a company’s certification: Leadership, Ethics, People, Community, and Environment. Leadership focuses on the organization’s commitment to corporate responsibility and its approach to communicating this commitment to key stakeholders; Ethics focuses on the organization’s conduct and the processes it uses to procure goods and services; People focuses on the organization’s protection of human rights; Community focuses on the organization’s engagement and investment in its local communities; and Environment focuses on the organization’s ability to measure, report, and improve impact on the environment.

At Teleperformance, having the opportunity to bring a sense of joy into our communities rewards us with an even greater gift. Through our CSR initiatives including Citizen of the World, Citizen of the Planet, and our pledge to support the UN Global Compact, we understand how our organization together with our people can inspire a tremendous impact that can be powerful enough to transform lives for the better. It is with gratitude that we once again announce that Teleperformance has received an Enterprise-Wide Social Responsibility Standard certification from Verego for the fifth consecutive year—a testament to our commitment to social responsibility; our ability to align and communicate all aspects of corporate policies and programs that aim to protect our people, our local communities, and our environment; and our continuous passion for meaningful interactions that help make the world a better place.

Being recognized as a true industry leader in the corporate social responsibility movement by Verego is indeed an honor. Congratulations to our entire Teleperformance family, and here’s to another year of creating a positive change!

For more information about Verego and Verego’s SRS Certification, you may visit www.verego.com or contact info@verego.com.

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