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Impacting the World Through the UN’s Global Compact

For over 41 years, Teleperformance has connected brands with their customers, and this has allowed us to become the most trusted provider of customer experience management. We receive this priceless trust with endless gratitude, and as a global leader in our industry, we recognize our responsibility to set ethical standards in our processes and become ambassadors of integrity, commitment, and respect for our people and our partners. This is why we are committed to building a better world, helping our local communities, and leading the corporate social responsibility movement.

Instilled with Teleperformance’s values, we never lose sight of what’s really important: protecting our people, ensuring our people’s safety, respecting human rights, and choosing equality and fair practices above all else. To be able to ensure that we employ the best workplace practices that adhere to ethical strategies and processes, we continue to be a member of the United Nation’s (UN) Global Compact, in an effort to stand with the UN towards the overall improvement of the quality of life for our people and the people around the world.

The UN’s Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, consisting of 10 principles that value human rights, environment, labor laws, and anti-corruption. By being signatories of the UN Global Compact since 2011, Teleperformance continues to push for the advancement of societal goals and sustainability.

Teleperformance remains relentless in making a positive impact on our local communities and on our people. By aligning our standards and practices with the UN Global Compact, we are able to maintain a culture of togetherness, diversity, and inclusivity in the Teleperformance workplace, as well as build a better future for a better Earth through sustainability. To learn more about the UN Global Compact and how Teleperformance has aligned with its principles, read our latest infographic today:

UN Global Compact

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