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Citizen of the World

Teleperformance has long been involved in changing the way our communities live. Since 2006, our Citizen of the World (COTW) programs have helped shape the future of the less fortunate, donated to families in impoverished cities, and funded countless of medical organizations in order to boost their research and development. These, among many other selfless acts, are only some of the ways we show our dedication and passion for change—by volunteering and helping those in need through our COTW initiatives.

COTW reached a lot of new heights last 2017. As a global leader, our footprint reaches far and wide, and with this comes a greater responsibility of giving help to those in need. Last year, our sites from all over the world contributed greatly to the success of COTW. Overall, the Teleperformance family touched a lot of lives through COTW’s organized initiatives, including blood drives, gardening done with children from less-fortunate families, and local school visits. We also raised funding for organizations that help teenagers battling cancer and gathered donations for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. We also showed solidarity by celebrating the International Day of Peace with the world, promoted diversity, and spread awareness on child labor practices.

We have prepared a video that briefly compiles the heroic acts of our people who gave their time and effort in giving back to their communities through our COTW programs. From Albania to the United States, here is a testament of how we care and how we share. Click to view the video:

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