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Teleperformance continues to show our commitment to the world we live in through Citizen of the Planet (COTP), our global corporate initiative that started back in 2008. COTP aims to ensure that our employees continue to treat the Earth with care and respect, and for all of us to be responsible in protecting our planet and spreading awareness on environmental issues that affect the world.

Sustainability has always been our focus—our efforts in minimizing negative environmental impact through reducing paper and water consumption have doubled with each passing year. As a company, we continue to strive for a paperless environment, encourage recycling, and improve the way we consume energy. Our global sites actively seek more ways to improve their impact on local habitats. By continuously reducing our overall carbon footprint per employee on a worldwide basis, we have managed to save energy and electricity, and have recorded a carbon footprint of 0.772 tons per employee. Our efforts have constantly helped us track and maintain the way we consume the Earth’s resources.

In 2017, Teleperformance’s COTP programs were implemented in our sites all over the world. From Albania’s newly created bicycle parking slots to India’s drive to promote a “green” Diwali, our employees became united in protecting the environment. In addition, our efforts in spreading awareness on climate change became evident as our global sites turned off their lights for Earth Hour. We also participated in a charity environmental run, cleaned beaches and communities, planted trees, and recycled.

We now look back at our employees’ combined efforts in making the world a safe space for everyone.

Watch COTP’s highlights in 2017.


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