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Better Health through Better Living

At Teleperformance, we promote well-being and a higher quality of life, creating a happier, pleasant work environment that minimizes employee stress. Passion 4U is our way of making this happen. It is our global wellness program that features a range of initiatives that include health fairs, massage therapy for stress relief, stretching exercises, fitness classes, mini marathons, as well as local sports club benefits. Passion 4U also involves awareness campaigns that cover health and wellness topics, such as healthy eating, good posture, and breast cancer awareness.

This year, our employees around the world immersed themselves in various Passion 4U activities that catered to their health and wellness. In the USA, our employees competed in a push-up contest at our Fairborn, Ohio site, while our Bristol Moon St. office in the UK received a visit from the Royal Marines who got everyone scrambling up a 40-ft climbing wall. In Teleperformance Romania, employees were treated to fresh fruits weekly to encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Several Passion 4U activities were held in Teleperformance India, among them were a free dental checkup camp, gender equality day, healthy lifestyle session for women, blood donation drive, and Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) camp. Meanwhile, Teleperformance in Italy educated its employees on how to combat breast cancer. As part of this effort, Teleperformance in Italy took part in the Race for the Cure, where selected employees participated in a breast cancer screening. Teleperformance in Australia, on the other hand, gave its employees the opportunity to workout and get fit with free, limited-time gym memberships. The most fit at the end of the four-week event won a prize.

Because our people are our greatest asset, we certainly take their health and wellness seriously. That said, we see to it that all our locations across the globe are given access to an array of Passion 4U programs throughout the year. After all, healthy employees are happy employees. And happy people definitely perform better at work and in life.

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