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Understanding the Differences of Generations on Social Media

Social media has become a massive market, attracting 2.41 billion active users per month worldwide just on Facebook alone. With demographics playing an important role in understanding customer behavior and perceiving possible methods on how to promote your business, it is important to get to the root of how each generation uses social media to engage with their favorite brands and companies. The Manifest, a business news and how-to website dedicated to gathering and verifying hard data, shared the results of their recent 2019 Consumer Social Media Survey detailing how different generations use social media, and several generational differences. Here are a few of the survey’s findings:

The days of social media being used primarily by younger generations are now over. On its survey, The Manifest reported that all generations now use different social media daily, with over 80% using it at least once a day. The breakdown? 89% Gen Z users, 88% Millennial users, 81% Gen X users, and 86% Baby Boomer users.

YouTube is the go-to platform for video content across all generations. The survey reported that 89% of Gen Z individuals, 86% of millennials, and 68% Gen Xers go on YouTube at least once a week to access video content.

The glory days of Facebook among the youth might be coming to an end. According to The Manifest’s survey, Facebook is slowly losing its traction in the social media arena. Proof? Only 36% of Gen Z use the social media platform at least once a week, followed by 87% Millennial users. Interestingly enough, 90% of Gen Xers and 96% Baby Boomers still use Facebook frequently—a wide generational difference compared to Gen Z..

Making content pretty through images drives consumer interest. With majority of generations preferring posting images on their social media platforms, it’s no surprise how images can help in attracting consumers to your brand.

Think first before branching out to ALL social media platforms. Gen Z showed differing social media habits, using fewer social media platforms once a week when compared to Gen X individuals and Millennials. Gen Z favored YouTube (89%), Instagram (74%), and Snapchat (68%).

Knowing who your customers are on social media, the generational differences, and how your customers use social media platforms can be an advantage. Due to its availability and easy access, plus the fact that it is almost everywhere—social media has become one of the pillars in any company’s brand strategies: a way to present goods and services, get connected to their customers, attract new ones and maintain a following, and cultivate a positive brand image.

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