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TP’s Content Moderation Services: Modern-Day Gatekeepers

The existence of social media is a double-edged sword. We all know how it has contributed greatly to our daily lives—a tool for communication, a way to get in touch, a bottomless source of information. However, these benefits all come with a dark side: the accessibility of harmful or sensitive user-generated content that can be distressing, the emergence of clashing information that violates and dehumanize brands and companies, or the creation of a toxic environment that can negatively impact an individual. Considering how an Internet user spends about 135 minutes browsing or using social media, it’s totally not surprising for this not-so-bright side of social media to affect many people, aiming to paint a gray sky above everyone’s heads.

With the amount of content readily available on our fingertips, the task of keeping online communities safe has become increasingly important. This is where content moderation comes into the picture: it’s the continuous monitoring of user-created content in order to keep an eye out for posts that violate a brand’s or individual’s values, policies, legal requirements, or community guidelines. Filtering the disturbing images, sensitive posts, the fake news, or the offensive videos among a myriad of unsafe content and eliminating them is a challenging occupation. For one, scanning and eliminating disturbing content on a daily basis can take an enormous psychological toll on content moderators. Furthermore, there is always a gray area surrounding the promotion of free speech while sensibly ensuring a safe environment for online communities.

Offering world-class technology, automation, and digital transformation services, Teleperformance DIBS takes content moderation to the next level. Combining DIBS’ focus on adaptive technology with Teleperformance’s push for humanized and meaningful interactions, the result has been tremendous: Teleperformance DIBS was recently recognized with a “Best Content Moderation Services” award by Asia Outsourcing Leadership Awards for taking “one step further towards assisted intelligence by using machine and human capabilities to simplify content moderation.”

Bhupender Singh, CEO at Teleperformance DIBS, understands how content moderation plays an important role in today’s digital atmosphere. “We are seeing a surge in demand for content-moderation services,” he states. Teleperformance is more than ready to take on this big task—working together with DIBS’ commitment to innovation, Teleperformance continues to support content moderators by providing counselling, therapy sessions, one-on-one discussions, seminars, workshops, guided meditations, and monthly discussions to protect the emotional well-being of these modern-day gatekeepers.

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