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Time to Kick off the World Cup

The biggest sporting event in the world is about ready to begin and all of us at Teleperformance are very excited. But we’re not the only ones. Millions of football fans are eagerly waiting for the FIFA 2018 World Cup to kick-off from Russia. We can already tell that people from all over the world are really excited. Why? Because posts about the ultimate sporting event have taken over social media.

Whatever happens on the field, we can be sure that people from across the globe will be sharing their feelings, from the thrilling highs, to the depressing lows.

Excitement for the beautiful game is soaring as seen by the number of posts and tweets circulating already all over social networks around the world, especially on VKontakte, the most popular social networking site in Russia. Since we at Teleperformance have already caught World Cup fever, Teleperformance’s social media team in Russia recently compiled the trending posts in English and Russian about the event as well as the countries who made the loudest noise.

From videos of President Putin kicking around a football in his office, to the announcement of the first KPop band to ever be Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup ambassadors, people have been sharing their budding anticipation.

Want to learn more about what people are saying about the FIFA World Cup on social media? Check out our new infographic!

Infographic: Time to Kick off the World Cup

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