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The World Cup™ comes to a close

The World Cup™ is finally over. France is the new world champion. But over the past month, the world has witnessed some amazing football. We’ve seen the best players in the world put on a spectacular show and watched some up and coming players make their mark. We’ve seen underdogs get further than anyone thought that they could.

While there has been a lot of action on the field, there has also been plenty to pay attention to on social media. Praxidia and the Teleperformance in Russia teams have been monitoring all of the social media highlights during the World Cup™ and have had a blast doing so.

During the group and knockout phase, the top 3 most mentioned games generated more than 700k mentions on Facebook™, Vkontakte™ and Instagram™.

The most mentioned players at the World Cup™ like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Junior said goodbye to the tournament before the Final, but before they left, they were showered with praise from their fans.

It’s hard to believe that the event is already over. The next World Cup™ seems like it’s far away. But for now, there’s still plenty of excitement buzzing on social media about this year’s event. There’s plenty more to learn about how social media was used during this World Cup™. To find out more about what the Praxidia and Teleperformance in Russia teams found, check out our new infographic!

Infographic: Time to Kick off the World Cup

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