The Teleperformance Expertise: Social Media
The Teleperformance Expertise: Social Media

Today, it’s easier for businesses to get to know their customers because of social media. Social media is a convenient platform for brands and retailers to engage and communicate with their customers, solve their concerns through customer service and express their appreciation as a form of customer care, and most importantly—it acts as an informative gauge for them to better understand what their customers need and want. Social media has become a key factor in allowing brands to better interact with their customers, therefore, companies must look for more ways to improve their social media presence to instill trust and brand loyalty.

Teleperformance has always been about implementing efficient social media strategies. Our effective e-Performance solutions and expertise in social media strategies have led to countless success stories.

Teleperformance was able to take on one client’s challenges head-on through the development of an e-Performance social media strategy, which allowed the client to make the most out of their social media channels. After Teleperformance implemented our e-Performance strategy, the results were massive. There was a 500% growth in number of fans and followers on Facebook—a 2M following count from the client’s previous 99,000. The client also was able to engage meaningfully with customers through better customer service and customer care on Twitter. In the end, the client was able to surpass customer expectations, which led to a tremendous following that included both new and customers.

Social media has become a primary tool for businesses to transform data into real action, allowing brands and companies to understand their customers better. Expanding your social media presence is only the first step towards fulfilling your customer’s journey. Let Teleperformance’s effective omnichannel solutions help you get a full grasp on how social media truly works. For more detailed information on how we helped one client achieve success through our e-Performance social media strategies, read our case study.

The Teleperformance Expertise: Social Media

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