The RSA Conference
The RSA Conference

In February 2017, more than 40,000 information technology security professionals gathered at the RSA Conference to discuss machine learning, threat intelligence, cloud access, cyberattacks, government security, data privacy, immigration, and many other subjects regarding the cybersecurity industry. This event is a major meeting of the best thinkers in the world concerning this increasingly important issue.

One of the best parts of the annual event is called The Innovation Sandbox. The Innovation Sandbox Contest is an opportunity to spotlight new approaches to security technologies. The 10 finalists have three minutes each to make their case for being the most innovative security startup of the year. The winner was chosen on the basis of their pitch plus a demo of their product on the first day of RSA.

In addition to the competitive contests, attendees were inspired by various speeches. The event had amazing speakers, including Brad Smith, CEO of Microsoft, and Astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson, each of whom delivered thoughtful remarks about the state of security today and what the future holds.

The conference also focused on technology. And technology companies like Microsoft ™, Dell™, and Intel™ showed off their security solutions. These products will keep clients’ information safe from cyberattacks and other potential threats.

Everyone at the event also talked about how keeping customers’ data safe is about more than compliance–it’s about establishing a proactive approach to protecting personal information and making it a part of a business’ culture.

To learn more about what happened at the RSA Conference, read our new infographic.


The RSA Conference

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