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Protecting Brands from Malicious Information

Companies are currently being targeted by the widespread of malicious content, fake news, and hate speech on the Internet. As a result, businesses are heavily affected: their sales numbers decline, stock prices are impacted, their brand reputation becomes on the line, and customer loyalty is diminished, as a result of the tension happening between both online and offline communities.

Today, data and information are tools that allow us to progress, but when used for purposes that intentionally aim to manipulate or misinform, only harm can be done. On social media where the limits and bounds of freedom of speech lie on shaky ground, how can businesses and brands remain protected in a world where 3.5 billion people share 2.5 quintillion bytes of data from all over the world?

Corporations need to moderate user-generated content and implement defensive and offensive strategies to protect their brands. In addition, businesses should also employ a content moderation strategy that offers cutting-edge technology in order to create efficiency, and combine it with the human factor to be able to isolate online risks.

Our latest infographic details the numbers taken from a new white paper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Teleperformance. The infographic highlights social media and its role in today’s digital times, the numbers surrounding user-generated content, and how brand trust can be at risk.

Read our latest infographic below.

Protecting Brands

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