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India is Leading the Digital Revolution

Digital channels have truly revolutionized the way customers interact with companies. Whether it’s reaching customer service, purchasing goods, or conducting a sale, the availability and convenience that the internet and smartphones offer have become increasingly valuable for both customers and companies. Therefore, these technologies can help brands change the way they connect with customers, improve their reach, increase profits, and improve overall customer satisfaction. To accomplish these goals, businesses must learn how to adapt to the digital customer by focusing on their customers’ digital experiences, and align their business processes and technology to stay ahead of the competition.

India stands at the forefront of an enhanced digital customer experience, leading the world in today’s digital revolution. Home to 1.3 billion individuals, among whom there are 462 million active internet users and 153 million social media users, of which 130 million are on mobile. The digital modernization in the West is increasingly being supported by Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, with many innovations being driven by Indian expertise. India has become a powerhouse of digital transformation, with it currently being one of the world’s largest global sourcing destination.

Teleperformance in India is at the forefront of delivering digital experiences and content that can help build brand loyalty and advocacy. By providing exceptional customer care and developing unique marketing campaigns on digital channels, Teleperformance in India helps companies exceed expectations. To learn more about digital trends in India, and Teleperformance’s award winning work there, read our new White Paper.


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