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IAA - 67th International Motor Show

The 2017 auto show season is kicking off in style with the Frankfurt Motor Show! The event featured carmakers dazzling visitors with cars that are smarter, greener, and faster than ever. Teleperformance’s e-Performance team looked at what people talked about on social media with regards to the show.

This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show featured car manufacturers presenting their latest low-emission vehicles, as well as technology strategies that will help them adapt with the changes expected to hit the auto industry in the next years.

Brands like Ferrari™, Mercedes™, BMW™, and Bughatti™ all introduced jaw-dropping new cars that amazed spectators and set fire tos ocial media. The most mentioned car brands on social media were BMW™, Mercedes™, and Audi™ because of their innovative concepts. Everyone at the show was thinking about the future, with the most talked about subjects were concept cars, electric cars, and the future of mobility.

Honda and Renault were both praised for their stylish and groundbreaking electric vehicles, as well. While the countries that most talked about the Frankfurt Motor Show were the United States and the United Kingdom.

Overall, The IAA 2017 was a success, as the event broke previous records and set new highs. This year, 228 new products were launched, with 363 innovations unveiled. “Electric” was truly the key element as the theme stood out across all products and technologies.

To learn more about what we found at this year´s show, check out our new infographic:

Pink October

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