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Going High-Tech and High-Touch with Social Media

Sometimes you need to step back and ensure that your plans are not being led by the available technologies.  This is according to Giovanni Tavani, who is acknowledged as a leading international expert on customer experience strategy, and is presently the Director for Global Social Media Customer Care at Royal Canin in France.

As a featured guest speaker in a recent webinar on TP Talks, Giovanni addressed social media and high-touch CX. He stated, “We are talking about technology and strategy, but what really makes good sense is to just listen to your audience. Companies have realized that there is enormous value in leveraging day-to-day interactions. We are no longer just answering customer calls, we are engaging with the customer.”

He added an important point, something that is important for every manager planning their CX strategy: “Research companies, such as Forrester, have shown that just a small improvement in CX scores can directly lead to a dramatic increase in revenue.”

Giovanni referred to the urgency executives feel to be involved with social care and how it is no longer optional. Referring back to his time at technology manufacturer Dell, he mentioned: “As I learned from Michael Dell, customers are having conversations about your brands and your products online anyway. What you need to ask is do you want to be a part of the conversation? At Dell the answer was yes—you absolutely need to be there.”

He outlined some of the key aspects of his current strategy and showed that throughout his thinking, there is a connection between traditional and social customer care. “Take a look at how my own three-year strategy for Royal Canin strongly connects traditional customer care with social interactions. Our plan is to be very pet owner-centric, to move from handling complaints to enabling loyalty, to keep interactions local, but on a global scale, to develop our people, and to always be memorable. The product is premium and we want our customer interactions to be premium,” he shared.

Giovanni described the key steps he uses when building a CX strategy. “When aiming to build out your own strategy you need to plan around these three steps: the golden triangle. First, plan your purpose. What do you need to achieve and why. Second, choose the right technology that fits this purpose. Third, only build your strategy once you are clear about steps one and two.”

Giovanni emphasized the need to think deeply about exactly why and how you will use the social aspect of your customer relationship. He said, “One mistake some brands make when integrating social into their wider customer care strategy is to only focus on one area, such as reacting to online comments. There are in fact many different layers of social engagement that need to be planned for. These include listening to what customers are saying. Engaging with customers in public networks and using private messages. Monitoring analytics to create a warning system—for example a spike in product complaints. Publishing content to help educate the customer and also improve search results, and premium services that customers will pay for, such as nutrition and health checks.”

Throughout the discussion, Giovanni emphasized this detailed and methodical approach that ignores the hype surrounding particular networks or technologies and focuses on creating a customer-centric environment that can work in both a traditional way and also leverage the available social tools.

To listen to the complete discussion with Giovanni Tavani speaking about High-Touch CX which includes his Q&A session with listeners, just click here to access the webinar recording.

Giovanni will be joining us at the invitation-only “Leader Insights Forum: When Digital Becomes Human” that is being held in Barcelona, Spain on March 27 to 29 at the Hotel Arts Barcelona.

If you are in attendance, feel free to engage Giovanni on these fantastic talking points. 

About the speaker

Giovanni is presently the Director for Global Social Media Customer Care at Royal Canin in France. Royal Canin is known globally for the high quality of their dog and cat food with a strong reputation for research and a wide range of specialist foods. Prior to Royal Canin, Giovanni was responsible for the social customer care at technology manufacturer Dell, resulting in his many years of experience in both regular, and social, customer care strategy formation.

Leader Insights Forum: When Digital Becomes Human

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