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Customer Service in Social Media: Top Trends to Watch in 2018

The number of social media users around the world has passed three billion with no signs of slowing down. This is why businesses are increasingly diving into the social media pond to connect with customers, to enhance brand reputation, and to understand customer needs.

Since the 1950s, opinion leadership and network influencers have had a way of shaping consumer behavior. Today, we see social media perfecting the role of influencers as regards relationship building and business customer engagement.

At Teleperformance, we understand that customer service is evolving to effectively respond to the rapid development of new communication media, and with customer experience continuing to grow in importance, organizations look to social media trends in order to develop ways to deliver top-notch customer experiences.

Rise of Peer Influence

People are generally wired to turn to each other to make decisions. That’s why 2018 will reward businesses that inspire loyalty and passion among customers. Facebook™ Groups are one social media space that supports virtual communities that foster advocacy and lasting relations between brands and customers.

The convenience, informality, and simplicity of it all allow agent-to-consumer conversations to be unique, private, and informal, and makes brand engagement feel less contrived.

Facebook™ is Becoming Almost Entirely Mobile

In a mobile-first culture, Facebook™ is not far from being dominated by mobile use. This makes mobile customer support (and live chat) even more relevant since Facebook™ still rules supreme among the most popular social networks worldwide.

According to Smart Insights, Faceboook™ has over 1,870 million active users and holds an 18% market share, which is 7% more than its closest competitor, the Facebook-owned, WhatsApp™.

Social media presents so many opportunities for brands to connect with audiences. To take advantage of all that opportunity, businesses must understand that shifts happen at breakneck speed, and staying ahead of trends is crucial to business success.

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