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Creating Positive Interactions Through Content in Social Mediathe Power of Social Media Through Content

Communication between brands and their customers has finally become a two-way street, thanks to social media. These days, it only takes a simple click or a methodical swipe on a smartphone to create endless customer interactions—with the number of active social media users passing the 3.1 billion mark this year, conversations can easily be initiated in an effective and convenient manner, allowing customers to be heard and acknowledged.

While brands have been tapping into the many advantages social media provides as the need for it increases, only a few handful stand out. In an environment where a primary goal is shared by a lot of competing businesses, standing out can pose as a challenge, hindering brands to harness the power of social fully.

In the world of social media, what separates the good from the best? A good answer is: content. Forbes has noted—with a dash of equality, if we may add—how “content is king, but distribution is queen.” It’s important to note how the quality of content has evolved over the years in order to adapt to different trends, customer preferences, and customer demographics. Quality content knows how to keep their readers engaged and interested while providing informing and customer service, and never aims to let the audience want to head for the exits via rigid salesmanship and hard-selling in an effort to get them interested in a product or service.

Knowing your audience and target market plays a vital role in providing engaging content. What do they want to do in their spare time? Do they belong to a generation that values and wants every detail presented to them, or a generation that values independence and yet depends on their smartphones like a personal coach, carrying it with them everywhere they go?  Learning how to communicate using their language is essential in keeping readers’ attention, and finding the right balance between establishing connection, and providing information, and promoting services often leads to the sweet spot.

At the end of the day, quality content still relies on the mighty queen, according to Forbes. Creating buzzworthy content is just the first step, and what follows next is the great leap: distribution. Understanding how and where to post your content is another challenge that needs to be addressed.

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