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Brand Protection in the Age of Misinformation

Social media, like it or not, has become a massive part of our lives. Since its rise, businesses have counted on user-generated content to elevate their brands. Word-of-mouth, solid reviews from fans, and healthy online communities promoting their products and services all serve as tools for companies to boost their marketing strategies.

But in today’s time—when 3.5 billion people are capable of sharing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data from across the world—how can user-generated content be monitored, maintained, and controlled?

Living in a digital environment where data is power, where online personas can easily be created or manipulated, where individuals can easily connect with anyone with a click of a button or a swipe of a finger—it’s easy to be entangled with harmful or deceitful content on social media.

Fake news and malicious content on social media that target businesses are currently on the rise. This issue is causing a negative impact among organizations, affecting sales, stock prices, brand reputation, and customer loyalty.

Many business leaders are now turning their attention to this growing challenge. However, it’s a common mistake for them to expect too much from online media and platform companies to control the problem. Companies should employ a content moderation strategy that harnesses both the benefits of cutting-edge technology and the human touch to be able to isolate online risks.

A new white paper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Teleperformance discusses how business leaders can protect their companies and brands against malicious misinformation, and the importance of the human factor in content moderation.

Teleperformance’s high-tech, high-touch approach combines technology, global best practices, the human touch, and the Lean Six Sigma discipline to elevate our content moderation strategies. Learn more about what business leaders are doing to create the right high-tech, high-touch approach to help protect brands in the age of misinformation. Read the new white paper! Download it today for free.

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