Infographic: Black Friday is a Worldwide Phenomenon
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Black Friday sales offer a glimpse of consumers’ shopping behavior. This year, customers did more shopping online. Smartphones generated 22 percent of online sales, 70 percent more than just a couple of years ago. That´s why retailers are changing their marketing strategies to increase sales through online stores.

It may have different names in different countries, but the idea is the same: Big discounts in retail stores.

Here are a few highlights from hotspots around the world:

  •  The Chinese Black Friday is called Double Eleven, which is the Singles’ Day, the most popular online shopping date in that country. This year, Singles’ Day generated $17.8 billion in sales, and 82 percent of shopping was on mobile devices. Just this one day in China generated more than Brazil´s total projected e-commerce sales for all of 2016.
  • In The U.S. and the U.K. many retailers started to offer deals before the main sales days. However, the top deals still occurred during Thanksgiving Day and ran through Cyber Monday.
  • Black Friday is in its 4th year in Russia. Companies have an opportunity to create good deals for customers, which is why it is important to understand consumers´ behavior. In particular, Black Friday is a huge opportunity for electronics companies in Russia, since 51 percent of all mentions on social media channels showed a positive intention to buy products from this sector.
  • Last year the consumer protection bureau in Brazil received many complaints about Black Friday because some companies increased the prices of their goods before the event and then decreased them to make the prices appear reasonable. Overall, retailers in Brazil have a lot to do in order to convince consumers that Black Friday is an opportunity to acquire new products, as 43 percent of mentions on social media belonged to unhappy customers.

One thing is certain, however. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles’ Day are here to stay. Year after year sales are increasing, particularly through mobile devices. To learn more about our findings this year, take a look at our new infographic


Infographic: Black Friday is a Worldwide Phenomenon



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