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All I want for Christmas

It is Christmas Eve, and on social media, cheerful messages start to appear: messages of peace, joy, and togetherness; festive posts and tweets detailing exactly what people want under their trees this year. We analyzed comments on social media channels featuring the classic line “All I want for Christmas” to find out what’s most in demand this holiday season, what major brands are focusing on, and what consumers are talking about.

For retailers the trend is to develop Christmas storyline campaigns on social media, generating loyalty and awareness for brands. Campaigns that push big discounts often take a secondary role. Companies are creating interesting stories to reinforce Christmas sentiments and their
relationships with consumers.

On the other hand, people in general tend to be a bit more sentimental. The most frequently used words in our search of social media included love, sleep, and happy. Christmas is about family, and in the end, though they are still interested in XboxTM and iPhonesTM, what people want is to spend time with their families.

Christmas is the most special time of the year to be with family and friends, and exchange gifts. It is also one of the most important dates for retailers. However, consumers will push back if retailers push sales too hard. Many consumers criticize the commercialization of a day that should be about giving and sharing.

To learn more about what companies are doing to relate to consumers, read our new infographic on holiday trends.

All I want for Christmas


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