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Teleperformance hosts Leader insights Summit

Security has become more critical than ever. In 2016, data breaches involving many major brands exposed more than 4 billion data records globally.

After numerous data privacy incidents, Europe developed a new regulation, which will go live in May 2018, to ensure that companies protect Euroean citizens’ personal data.
The GDPR (Global Data Privacy Regulation) is the strictest regulation for data privacy in the world.

On October 11th, in order to facilitate further understanding about this important and complex policy change, Teleperformance’s Leader Insights Forum hits Berlin. There, experts will present the impact that the EU’s GDPR will have on customer experience. Keynote speakers include Giovanni Buttarelli, the European Data Protection Supervisor and Bojana Bellamy, President of the Centre for Information Policy Leadership.

In this increasingly complex atmosphere, Teleperformance understands what is required to not only design the right strategies, but implement them so that they are effective. Our understanding comes from a deep commitment to security and privacy, based on what laws require, regardless of location.

Teleperformance has invested heavily in a strong security program to protect our clients against fraud and data breach attempts, increasing the safety of data and transactions, helping avoid financial losses and impact on their brand. We are the only company in the market submitting an application of our GDPR/BCR program to the EU commission.

We look forward to a thoughtful and productive conversation at the Leader Insights Forum in Berlin about the impact that these new policies will have upon customer experiences. Learn more about GDPR, and Teleperformance’s security efforts, in our white paper.


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