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Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs)

Teleperformance has received Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) approval for both Controller and Processor from the French Data Protection Authority, CNIL, making Teleperformance the first company in the industry to attain this critical data protection compliance status in the European Union. Attaining BCRs-approved status is a long and rigorous process that ensures a company has a comprehensive and effective framework to safely and legally transfer private EU data out of Europe for services such as customer sales and service, technical support and back office processing. BCRs are regulator-approved, requiring among other items, meeting high privacy standards for data transfers.

What are Binding Corporate Rules?

• Binding Corporate Rules are internal rules for data transfers within multinational companies.
• Binding Corporate Rules are like a code of conduct. They allow multinational companies to transfer personal data internationally within the same corporate group to other countries.
• Binding Corporate Rules ensure that all data transfers within a corporate group are safe. They must contain: privacy principles, such as transparency, data quality, and security; tools of effectiveness such as audit, training, or complaint handling systems; and an element proving that the rules are binding.

BCRs allow Teleperformance to offer clients total global operational flexibility to deliver safer and better customer experiences for their EU consumers anywhere and on every interaction. This will allow clients to choose service locations anywhere in the world, depending on their operational needs, without worrying about additional EU data protection formalities. Additionally, BCRs will:

• Allow Teleperformance, and clients that partner with us, to demonstrate compliance with the EU GDPR and other global regulations.
• Provide assurance that personal data of customers is adequately protected across all subsidiaries when transferred internationally.
• Ensure alignment with European and international data protection requirements.
• Reduce risks of reputational and financial harm from data misuse and privacy law breaches.

Teleperformance, the first in the industry to attain this approval, joins a venerable list of companies that have also obtained this approval.

As the global industry leader, we set the highest standards possible in every aspect of our business including data privacy and security. Attaining BCRs approval is one more example of our commitment to provide maximum flexibility, safety and compliance to our clients and their customers on each interaction, regardless of delivery location or channel.

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