Taking Contact Center Security Seriously
Taking Contact Center Security Seriously

We take security seriously at Teleperformance. Organizations work in a different way today to how things used to be. Services are more global than before and there are more partners pulling together within the supply chain. This all leads to an increased risk of failure at some point, so it is important to be able to employ preventative controls to eliminate the “weak link”. We believe that with a team of dedicated security professionals we are able to reduce risk and improve processes that may be creating a hazard within the enterprise.

Within the contact center environment there are three main areas of risk that require attention and vigilance:

Regulatory and Statutory Security: Regulatory compliance and compliance with security best practices is a daunting task at Teleperformance. This is because Teleperformance operates in 74 countries, which introduce many country specific or regional privacy laws in addition to the typical global security standards or best practices that most companies strive to comply with. The security practice at Teleperformance is built on compliance with ISO 27001/2 and then enhanced to comply with other widely accepted security standards such as, but not limited to, PCI/DSS, British Standards 25999, European Union Data Privacy Directive, HIPAA, GDPR and various regional specific privacy laws/regulation.

Fraud: Teleperformance introduced our anti-fraud program in 2007. The emphasis of the program was – and still is – to prevent fraud when possible and detect fraud activity early when prevention is not possible.
Since introduction of the Security Risk Assessment, the program has matured and the emphasis is now on continual monitoring and auditing to insure the environment is at all times 100% compliant with the security risk treatment plan.

Contractual security: While the above mentioned regulatory or security best practices are important to Teleperformance compliance with our clients contractual security requirements are equally important. It is common for our clients to mandate multiple and sometimes many very specific security requirements. We take our relationship with our clients seriously and maintain compliance with these requirements at all times so that the partnership with Teleperformance does not in any way increase risk.

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