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Security Risk Assessment

Every day, organizations are working round-the-clock to defeat the looming global threat that is fraud. Fraud, as we know it, has evolved over time. Today, fraud has been reportedly committed by an organized network of professionals who steal sensitive and confidential data, such as passwords and financial records. Identity theft has always been a notorious crime—security breaches can happen in 60 seconds or less, resulting in large annual losses globally.

It’s easy to look the other way, but here’s the reality: 90 percent of fraud incidents have at least one touchpoint inside an organization. Internal fraud is more prevalent as it is far less complicated to carry out, with the threat of employees having access to private information and valuable assets.

As the global leader in customer experience management, Teleperformance takes pride in our passion for prioritizing security in all our business processes. We have developed TP Observer—a behavior-monitoring tool that helps detect suspicious employee activities in real time. TP Observer can send a warning message to security teams immediately as soon as it detects that sensitive information or credit card information is being copied, averting potential fraud to take place. But in order to lessen security risks and threats more effectively and efficiently, Teleperformance conducts a periodic Security Risk Assessment on all its operations around the world. Our decades-long experience allowed us to develop a large library that lists industry-specific vulnerabilities, making us prepared for potential security attacks.

Our Security Risk Assessment helps our team examine and analyze our systems, and how our employees interact with the proprietary software and processes provided by our clients. In addition, the assessment also details the security risks that are and can affect an operation. Security teams produce two versions of their assessment: a non-technical CxO-level executive summary and a full, detailed report submitted to clients and Teleperformance’s senior management in Security. Each report is reviewed by our Deputy Chief Global Compliance and Privacy Officer. The full version of the assessment will then be presented to our clients’ Security and Operations team, listing their operations’ complete diagnostics, its vulnerabilities, as well as a customer risk mitigation and reduction plan.

Teleperformance’s Security Risk Assessments have helped our clients identify, understand, and reduce security risks and trends over time. Currently, we have performed over 500 Security Assessments in the past 10 years, cementing our commitment to defeating fraud and all its forms. We continuously work hard to detect, prevent, and mitigate security threats and risks to ensure your organization’s safety and protection against fraud.

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