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Security is the Key to Trust and Loyalty

The advancement of technology has truly created millions of perks for both businesses and consumers. The power of digitalization is evident everywhere; there is no denying how companies are slowly adapting to digital trends such as artificial intelligence, automation, speech analytics, or digital personalization among many others—and along these lines, customers have become more accustomed to the convenience technology brings.

As millions of customers turn to the Internet every day to inquire, interact, or purchase, security remains an important key as technology continues to evolve.  When it comes to customer privacy, consumers are now more aware about the many harsh consequences of living in the digital age: identity theft, cybercrime, fraud, or data breaches. This is why companies have taken necessary steps to ensure their customers’ privacy, and are continuously looking for ways to alleviate customers’ concerns. But, companies are not the only entities increasing technology—governments are, too.  To ensure our clients’ security, we implement strict processes that always begin with a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) in order for our Security Teams to examine our clients’ operations in detail to provide complete security diagnostics, vulnerabilities, risk mitigation, and reduction plans. At Teleperformance, we monitor governmental regulations to continually adapt our global program. This effort, coupled with the SRA, provides a secure environment on which our clients can rely.

Security remains synonymous with customer trust and loyalty, as seen on global surveys conducted yearly by the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab: customers ceased to do business with companies that had security breaches and opted to switch brands that carry the same services or products. This is a reason why Teleperformance acknowledges the many risks companies face at a time when digitalization continues to peak. Over time, our SRA has helped our clients from all over the world understand security threats and trends, improve security strategies, and maintain their customers’ loyalty and trust.

When you’re ready, talk to us about the many ways you can benefit from our security strategies. To learn more about our security business processes, you may read our white paper on Security Risk Assessment.

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