Our Strong Culture of Security: Adapting to EU’s GDPR
Our Strong Culture of Security

In an effort to reduce cybercrime and to protect the personal data and information of both its companies and its citizens, the European Union (EU) has instituted legislation that promotes personal data security and protection. Called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is the first comprehensive overhaul of EU data protection rules in 20 years. The GDPR is intended to harmonize the fragmented laws across the EU to give its individuals greater control and protection for their data and information.

GDPR will apply whenever companies interact with EU clients and employees and with EU clients’ customers. In addition, it will also be applicable to non-EU entities that process the personal data of the individuals within the EU.

As a global company that continues to serve countless markets in the EU, Teleperformance has taken the necessary measures to ensure compliance with GDPR’s full implementation slated for March 2018. We have already started the process of developing a security program that further protects the personal information and data of our clients and customers within the EU. To do this, we have applied for a Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) approval in order to enhance our ability to move data efficiently. The next step is to develop a BCR/GDPR Program that will help us comply with the EU’s GDPR legal requirements. To fully implement this program with utmost efficiency, we also have hired external consultants to do readiness assessments and to provide assistance. These GDPR-focused security protocols and processes are supported by the same usual high security standards set by Teleperformance: Security Assessment as the first-and-foremost action whenever we assist clients and meticulous fraud prevention solutions. Teleperformance has been designing global security and fraud prevention solutions through our Global Security Team with the highest security certifications, including the EU Data Protection Directive 94/46, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), ISO 27001, and Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Teleperformance continues to look for ways to further cement our place as a global company that has a strong culture of security. We have already taken the steps necessary and have aligned our processes to adapt to GDPR, and will continue to do so should more data security regulations need to be implemented to protect our clients and their customers in the future.

To learn more about GDPR and how we will deeply prioritize your company’s security, read our latest white paper:

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